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  • Map graphic of new planetGOLD countries
    29 March 2021

    Second phase of planetGOLD doubles countries addressing mercury in ASGM

    Conservation International is poised to take on a new role by leading an expansion of planetGOLD, which will broaden the programme's efforts by adding eight additional countries: Bolivia, Ghana, Honduras, Madagascar, Nigeria, Republic of the Congo, Suriname, and Uganda. Read about new approaches to formalization that will be promoted in this expansion.

  • MAPE_Puno_Taller_Mujer_Minera
    28 March 2021

    La voluntad de oro de las mujeres mineras en Sudamérica

    En Perú, Bolivia, Colombia y Ecuador, las mujeres trabajan día a día por una minería de oro artesanal y de pequeña escala más responsable con sus derechos y el cuidado del ambiente

  • Taller_Piura
    24 March 2021

    Se realizan talleres de inicio regionales del proyecto planetGOLD Perú

    Los eventos en Puno y Arequipa fueron realizados vía zoom el 09 y 23 de marzo de 2021, dando cierre al ciclo de talleres regionales iniciado en Piura en febrero de 2020.

  • busia women miners
    23 March 2021

    African Women in ASGM

    As we transition out of the pandemic, gender imbalances in ASM are now more evident than ever. Longstanding problems in the sector still exist in their former state or have been exacerbated. But the present moment offers the opportunity to "build back better" for African women in ASM and their communities.

  • Equipos mercurio
    19 March 2021

    planetGOLD Colombia entregó equipos a la CSB y la CRC para la detección y monitoreo de mercurio en zonas mineras

    planetGOLD Colombia oficializó la entrega de los equipos para la detección de mercurio otorgados a las Corporaciones Autónomas Regionales del Cauca y Sur de Bolívar, con los cuales fortalecen sus capacidades institucionales para evaluar, planear y realizar intervenciones sostenibles, así como para hacer monitoreo ambiental en las zonas mineras de estas regiones.

  • Meeting with women's group in Agusan del Sur Philippines
    17 March 2021

    Recognizing Women’s Contributions and Challenges in Philippine Small-Scale Mining

    Women make up 10-30% of the workforce at ASGM sites in the Philippines, according to mining association leaders and other local stakeholders. The planetGOLD Philippines project looks at the roles women play, their income opportunities, exposure to mercury, and initiatives to promote gender equality in the sector.

  • Khovd province Mongolia Minamata Convention training
    15 March 2021

    Strengthening Local Government in Mongolia via the Minamata Convention on Mercury

    As the planetGOLD Mongolia project works towards formalizing the sector, and reducing the clandestine use of toxic chemicals in ASGM, focus has been placed on strengthening local government’s comprehension of the implications and benefits of the Minamata Convention and thus incentivizing its implementation using the NAP as a guide. To begin this, two training sessions on the ‘Minamata Convention on Mercury and ASGM’ were organized in two provinces.

  • Raised vegetable beds in Ecuador
    8 March 2021

    Strengthening the safety net for women miners in Ecuador

    For women mineral selectors in Ecuador known as jancheras, a new gardening initiative allows families to generate additional income and provides a source of food security in times of emergency such as those currently being experienced around the world.

  • Photo grid of many people holding a hand in the air
    7 March 2021

    "Choosing to Challenge" Gender Inequity in ASGM

    The theme of this year's International Women's Day is #ChooseToChallenge — a call to recognize and call out gender bias and inequality. In solidarity with people all over the world taking up this call, planetGOLD project staff, miners, and partner government officials raised their hands to share why they choose to challenge gender inequalities in artisanal and small-scale gold mining.

  • Test of mercury free technology in Puno, Peru
    23 February 2021

    Towards Responsible Small-scale Mining

    In the Ananea district in Peru's snow-capped mountains, artisanal & small-scale gold mining is the largest source of local work. Get a glimpse of the mercury-free equipment the planetGOLD Peru team & their partner the GIRH-TDPS project tested there to show a path to more responsible ASGM sector.

  • Dia_Educación_Ambiental
    26 January 2021

    Aprender de la naturaleza

    La educación ambiental es clave para empoderar a las personas y tomar acción por nuestro planeta. Con ese fin, el proyecto planetGOLD Perú, que busca reducir, eliminar y/o evitar el uso del mercurio en la MAPE, viene trabajando una campaña de concientización llamada “Expedición Mercurio”.

  • Sierra Leone no2
    13 January 2021

    The Sustainable Development Goals Through the Lens of Responsible Artisanal and Small Scale Gold Mining

    We often say that responsible artisanal and small-scale gold mining (ASGM) is a tool for sustainable development. What do we mean by that? This article examines key opportunities for responsible ASGM to contribute to achieving the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and to the 2030 Agenda.