Students in Indonesia listening to stories on dangers of mercury

Storytelling Empowers Indonesian Students to Stamp Out Mercury Use

Photo story looks at how planetGOLD Indonesia is engaging children of miners and other young students in campaigns to make mercury history


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On a recent sunny day in the mining village of Hulawa on the northern coast of Indonesia's Gorontalo province, nicknamed the “golden village” due to the dominant role gold mining plays in the area, laughter echoed throughout a large field in the village surrounded by modest houses, attracting curious villagers who came to see what the excitement was about. What they saw were students dressed in a sea of yellow, seated under a matching yellow tent.

More than 600 primary school students from 12 schools in the area had gathered there for a World Environment Day celebration organized by the GEF-supported planetGOLD Indonesia project. They and their teachers were there to see award-winning storyteller Awam Prakoso, who engaged them with humor and suspense to share messages highlighting the dangers of mercury exposure.

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