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New resources: How to provide a more balanced view of ASGM

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Perceptions of artisanal & small-scale gold mining often focus on negatives, but communicating about local economic development, jobs and other benefits the sector brings is key to providing a more balanced view. 


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In recent years, responsible ASGM operators have made major strides towards demonstrating that the sector can be a driver of sustainable development, but many challenges remain. One of the biggest is a lack of awareness of what the sector can do for local communities when they have adequate support and access to markets.

The good news is there are already many effective communications efforts in the ASGM and broader artisanal and small-scale mining sector from which lessons can be drawn. Take a look at our new online resource Good Communications Practices in the Artisanal & Small-Scale Mining Sector, which examines 16 projects and initiatives that demonstrate strategic, inclusive communications practices that can help build greater support for the ASGM sector.

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Drawing upon these examples as well as interviews with key individuals and organizations working in ASGM, we also published a complementary Communicating about ASGM issue brief summarizing the state of play in ASGM communications and emerging trends, along with recommendations aimed at communicators and decision-makers. Our objective with this brief is to encourage learning and take-up of strategic, inclusive communications practices that can help build greater support for the ASGM sector and recognize the many instances where the sector is contributing to sustainable development — while inspiring others to do the same.


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Do you know of other examples or best practices in providing a more solutions-focused view of ASGM? Please share them with us in the comments below.

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