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Indonesia project launches new mercury-free facility and exhibits results



  • Harti Ningsih photo
    Working Group 4 Coordinator, planetGOLD Indonesia


Mercury-free equipment designed by ASGM miners commissioned in Kulon Progo

Carbon burning
Demonstrating carbon burning

Among 63 mining cooperatives supported by the planetGOLD Indonesia project, the Hargo Selo Kencono (HSK) Cooperative in Kulon Progo District just launched a new mercury-free gold processing facility.

Over the last three years, the planetGOLD project has introduced several types of alternative technologies appropriate for the scale of artisanal and small-scale mining operations through training and a miner’s exchange program. This enables miners to choose which are most suitable for them according to the investment cost, capacity to produce ores, and owned-ore characteristic.

In 2022, HSK members visited an ASGM site in Banyumas District to explore mercury-free gold processing techniques used by other miners. They also received a Low-Value Grant from the project to support shifting technology for the 20 miners who work under the cooperative.

With the grant funding, members of HSK were able to design the most suitable technology for them. Then on March 2, 2023, the cooperative announced the opening of their first mercury-free facility.

Tri Prasetyo HSK cooperative leader demonstrates equipment
Tri Prasetyo, head of the HSK cooperative, explains the mercury-free equipment to the training participants

The launch event of mercury-free facility was followed by a technical training which explained how the facility works. Miners from other cooperatives were also invited to the training.

In addition to supporting alternative mining technologies, the Low-Value Grant Program also promotes increasing miners' human resource capacity. The awareness and skills of miners in processing gold without mercury are increasing as a result of training and socialization activities carried out with the grant funds.

With this assistance, the hope is that the miners' economy will recover while adhering to environmental regulations to ensure long-term sustainability.


Project results and publications exhibited to Asia-Pacific GEF Counterparts and national stakeholders

GEF CEO and Indonesia Vice Minister Environment and Forestry
A representative of Indonesia's Ministry of Environment and Forestry, planetGOLD Indonesia's Implementing Partner, presents project results to the GEF CEO and the Vice Minister of Environment and Forestry

From January 10 to 18, 2023, the planetGOLD Indonesia project displayed 19 books, 15 factsheets, and 11 videos at the GEF-8 Asia-Pacific Workshop and National Dialogue Indonesia, which took place in Bali, Indonesia. As part of the GEF-6 program, the project was invited to the exhibition session to demonstrate its results and share lessons-learned with prospective GEF-8 project holders.

The workshop and exhibition organized by the GEF Secretariat invited implementing agencies from Asia-Pacific countries including representatives of government agencies, universities, and the private sector.

A representative from the project explains about the training modules developed by the project
A representative from the project explains training modules developed by the project

Twenty-one exhibitors from GEF-funded projects under GEF-6 and GEF-7 participated in the exhibition to disseminate research and best practices for implementing GEF projects in Asia-Pacific countries, especially to strengthen South-South collaboration.

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