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The Gold Talk on Camarines Norte Radyo Pilipinas 96.9FM:

The planetGOLD Philippines premieres the first-ever radio program in the country focusing on the artisanal and small-scale gold mining sector


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DAET, CAMARINES NORTE – In a pioneering initiative to promote responsible gold mining practices and to elevate the voices of small-scale gold miners, the planetGOLD Philippines project partnered with the Camarines Norte Provincial Information Office to launch the first-ever radio program focusing on the artisanal and small-scale gold mining (ASGM) sector – "The Gold Talk: Sa Responsableng Pagmimina, Lahat Gigingawa!" (In responsible mining, All will prosper).

This partnership aims to create a platform that highlights the vital contributions of the ASGM sector to the development of the province and the nation at large. By disseminating reliable information, engaging in timely discussions, and addressing relevant issues, the show aims to empower miners and push for the professionalization and formalization of the sector, fostering a path toward a safer, cleaner, and more profitable ASGM.

This effort comes as a direct response to the findings from the 2021 planetGOLD Philippines Contextual Study which showed the significance of radio as one of the premier communication platforms for disseminating crucial information about the ASGM sector in the province. 

The premiere episode of "The Gold Talk: Sa Responsableng Pagmimina, Lahat Giginhawa!" aired on 25 June 2023 on Radyo Pilipinas 96.9FM. Hosted by Camarines Norte Provincial Information Officer Dr. Sarah Marie Pante-Aviado and co-hosted by planetGOLD Philippines National Communications Officer Dawn Po Quimque, the show featured news updates, an insightful interview, project announcements, and an interactive trivia challenge where the audience had a chance to win prizes.

The episode commenced with the hosts sharing the latest activities and developments of planetGOLD Philippines in Camarines Norte. They highlighted the various initiatives undertaken by the project to promote responsible gold mining practices, help miners improve working conditions in mine sites, and support the enhancement of the socio-economic contributions of the ASGM sector. This news segment served as an informative introduction to the episode, setting the stage for the succeeding discussions for its listeners and viewers – the ‘Kakulipaw’.

The term 'kakulipaw' draws inspiration from the rich cultural practice of 'kulipaw' among the ASGM communities in the province. Rooted in the spirit of camaraderie, 'kulipaw' symbolizes the selfless sharing of food, supplies, cash, and even precious gold among community members, reflecting the tight-knit bonds and support system within the small-scale mining sector. By embracing the term 'kakulipaw', the show honours this tradition and strives to foster a sense of unity, collaboration, and mutual prosperity among its dedicated audience.

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(Left-Right): Screenshot of The Gold Host Sarah Aviado, planetGOLD Philippines National Project Manager Abigail Ocate, Co-host Dawn Po Quimque from the premiere episode

The first episode featured Abigail Ocate, the National Project Manager of the planetGOLD Philippines project, who provided the audience with a deeper understanding of the Project and its efforts in Camarines Norte. The discussion offered a valuable opportunity for the audience to learn about small-scale gold miners and the importance of embracing better technology and practices for the benefit of the people and environment.

Following the interview, the hosts announced the project’s upcoming activities in the province to ensure the audience stays well-informed and engaged with the Project’s initiatives.

The show also incorporated an interactive trivia challenge segment, ‘Gintong Tagisan’ (Golden Clash of Wits) to further engage the audience. Listeners had the chance to win prizes by correctly answering questions related to the discussions. 

The combination of educational content, expert insights, and exciting elements hopes to create a well-rounded show that caters to a wide range of interests. By maintaining this dynamic format, the show aims to foster a community of responsible mining advocates and empower the audience to better understand and support the cause of improving the conditions for small-scale gold miners.

Dr. Aviado expressed her enthusiasm for the show and highlighted its progressiveness as the only show dedicated to the ASGM sector. She stated, "We are thrilled to bring 'The Gold Talk' to our listeners and viewers–our Kakulipaw. This radio program serves as a platform to highlight the ASGM sector's contributions and planetGOLD Philippines' efforts, in partnership with the Provincial Government of Camarines Norte headed by Governor Dong Padilla. Through the dissemination of reliable and timely information, discussing relevant concerns, and promoting formalization processes, owe hope to to empower small-scale gold miners and foster environment-friendly gold mining practices. Together, we can create a future where everyone prospers.”

The Gold Talk Premiere 1
(L-R) PIO and The Gold Talk Host, Sarah Aviado, planetGOLD Philippines Communications Officer and Co-Host, and planetGOLD Philippines National Project Manager Abigail Ocate

"We are extremely grateful to the Provincial Information Office of Camarines Norte for their invaluable partnership in bringing 'The Gold Talk' to life. Their support and collaboration has been instrumental in amplifying our message and reaching a wider audience. This partnership is a testament to our shared commitment to the development and well-being of small-scale gold mining communities and the whole province of Camarines Norte,” Ocate added.

The Kakulipaw can look forward to future episodes of "The Gold Talk: Sa Responsableng Pagmimina, Lahat Gigingawa!" that will feature a variety of content, including success stories, expert discussions, and knowledge-sharing on environment-friendly practices, while continuing to inspire and educate individuals about the role of the ASGM sector to foster sustainable development.

New episodes air every first Sunday of the month, from 7 am to 9 am. Catch the live stream broadcasts on the Facebook pages of planetGOLD Philippines, Camarines Norte Provincial Information Office, and Radyo Pilipinas Camarines Norte. Episodes replayed every Sunday for the whole month.

Watch the full premiere episode here.

The planetGOLD Philippines project is implemented by the United Nations Environment Programme, and United Nations Industrial Development Organization, in partnership with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the Mines and Geosciences Bureau, and executed by the Artisanal Gold Council.

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