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Enkhtuul Altangerel

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Enkhtuul Altangerel

National Communications Specialist - planetGOLD Mongolia
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    The Journey and Challenges of Adapting an International Standard into Mongolian Soil

    The planetGOLD Mongolia project is the first "gardener” to start actively planting the planetGOLD criteria standard on Mongolian soil, which is a branched-out version of the CRAFT Code (The Code of Risk-mitigation for Artisanal and small-scale Mining Engaging in Formal Trade), another further international standard.

  2. Expo booth in teaser


    Олборлогчоос борлуулагч хүртэлх үнэт металлын салбарынхан чуулав

    “Үнэт Металл, Үнэт Чулууны Арилжаа Эрхлэгчдийн Үндэсний Форум” 2023 оны 4-р сарын 12-нд болов. Хоёр дахь жилдээ зохиогдсон уг форумыг Үнэт Металлын Үндэсний Холбоо санаачилж, Санхүүгийн зохицуулах хороо, Монголбанк болон planetGOLD Монгол төсөл хамтран зохион байгууллаа.

  3. MFPS equipment set in the facility


    Logistical challenges of equipment shipping from Colombia

    Here is the story of importing mercury-free processing system (MFPS) equipment from South America to Central Asia. It outlines the challenges of overseeing international logistics management at the best of times, compounded by the intersecting challenges of the global COVID-19 pandemic, a local strike in Colombia, and a complex international incident involving Russia, Ukraine, NATO, and ensuing sanctions.

  4. Mongolia project booth in the Precious Metals and Jewellery Forum 2023


    Thoughts on the Precious Metals and Jewellery Forum and Expo 2023

    Alongside the Precious Metal Traders National Association and Misheel Expo LLC, the planetGOLD Mongolia project co-organized the Precious Metals and Jewellery Forum and Expo in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, from April 12-16, 2023.