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COVID-19 Awareness Raising Materials for Miners & Local Communities

As countries around the world cope with the impacts of COVID-19, it is critical to share key health and safety information with artisanal and small-scale mining communities, which are often among the most vulnerable groups, and to spread information about response efforts in these areas.

Updated August 2021

The materials compiled below have been created by projects working with the planetGOLD programme, and can be shared with anyone who could benefit from them. We will continue adding new materials to this page as they are developed.


Communications Aimed at Miners

Guyana - Working with COVID-19 Booklet

Mining districts and their nearby Indigenous Communities in Guyana have been impacted by COVID-19. This booklet developed by the planetGOLD Guyana project provides guidance and recommendations for the artisanal and small-scale gold mining sector to support a safe, clean, and healthy environment for workers.

Guyana COVID booklet cover image


Philippines - COVID-19 Preventive Measures for the Artisanal Gold Sector 

This set of posters developed by the planetGOLD Philippines project team with content produced by the Artisanal Gold Council are awareness raising resources on COVID-19 for the artisanal mining sector. One poster focuses on preventive measures at the mining site, while the other poster provides general information about COVID-19. The information is based on the most recent scientific findings on the coronavirus and recommendations from reputable health organizations. 

Filipino COVID19 preventive measures poster image
COVID19 preventive measures filipino poster
COVID19 preventive measures filipino poster
COVID19 preventive measures filipino poster


Colombia - "Minería sin COVID19"

The planetGOLD Colombia project, along with UNDP, the Ministry of Mines and Energy and seven other partner organizations have spearheaded an outreach strategy called #MineríaSinCOVID19 ("Mining Without COVID19"). In order to disseminate information that can help prevent infections in mining areas, they have created a kit aimed at small-scale mining companies, local authorities and communities in mining regions, which includes posters, radio ads, a health booklet, and an extensive protocol document.

To download the materials shown below and more, including the full protocol document and short podcast recordings, visit this Minería Sin COVID19 webpage.


Afiche ¿Cómo sé que tengo coronavirus?: síntomas y dónde reportar

- Afiche ¿Cómo cuidarme y cuidar a los demás del COVID-19?: autocuidado y protección

Afiche ¿Cómo prevenir el contagio del COVID-19 en las actividades mineras?

Afiche ¿Cómo prevenir el contagio del COVID-19 en las zonas comunes de trabajo?

Afiche ¿Cómo prevenir el contagio del COVID-19 en la minería tradicional?

Afiche Canales de atención en caso de alguna emergencia durante la pandemia


Radio Ads:

Radio waves graphic

Good practices in transportation

Radio waves graphic

Good practices in traditional mining

Radio waves graphic

Good practices with machinery

Radio waves graphic

Good practices with PPE

Health Booklet:

2.	Cartilla pedagógica para el autocuidado en el sector de la pequeña minería: recomendaciones para prevenir el Covid-19


Peru - Campaña "MAPE sin COVID-19"

The planetGOLD Peru project and a coalition of other organizations are leading a campaign called Campaña "MAPE sin COVID-19" (ASGM without COVID-19) aimed at spreading information about health and safety precautions to miners and promoting responsible practices during the gradual reactivation of activities in Peru's mining sector. The campaign has developed a health booklet with key information and recommendations for stopping the spread of COVID-19, as well as a series of posters and banners.

Health Booklet for ASGM:

Nueva cartilla MAPE


Posters and banner:

Banner MAPE img
Afiche salud MAPE COVID-19
afiche residuos img
Afiche desinfeccion MAPE img

Instructions for printing these materials and detailed information about the campaign can be found on this Campaña "MAPE sin COVID-19" webpage. The campaign is led by planetGOLD Peru, Solidaridad, Alliance for Responsible Mining, Artisanal Gold Council, Red Social, Megam, Centro de Innovación Científica Amazónica (CINCIA), Fairtrade International and Pure Earth with the support of UNDP, the GEF, the Government of The Netherlands and the Canadian Embassy.


Ecuador - "Reglas de Oro" ("The Golden Rules")

The planetGOLD programme's partner project in Ecuador has developed a series of videos titled "Las Reglas de Oro" — or "The Golden Rules" — aimed at providing miners with practical advice for protecting themselves and others against the spread of COVID-19. There is a total of 7 videos in the series, which has been distributed on WhatsApp and social media.




Prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, the planetGOLD project in Indonesia had partnered with the well-known storyteller Awam Prakoso to spread messages to children and teachers about the hazards of mercury exposure. They shifted their strategy in recent months to disseminate health and safety messages about COVID-19, including the video below geared toward children, which they disseminated to miners via WhatsApp groups and social media.



Communication Aimed at Local Governments & Mining Communities

Colombia - “Regalías en Acción”

The planetGOLD Colombia project and Foro Suroccidente have joined forces to launch the "Royalties in Action are the Best Option" campaign, a strategy that seeks to inform municipal governments in mining areas about new measures the national government in Colombia has taken to help municipalities with resources from the General Royalty System (GRS) — royalties paid by oil and mining companies — to fund projects responding to emergency needs that have arisen as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more in the infographic below.

Infographic showing information about using royalties for local projects responding to emergency COVID-19 needs
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Fact Sheets on Impacts of COVID-19

In addition to the above awareness raising materials, the projects in Indonesia and Peru produced the fact sheets below detailing impacts of COVID-19 and recommendations moving forward.

Indonesia project COVID-19 gold price fact sheet cover

The Gold Price Trend within GOLD-ISMIA's Project Locations Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

planetGOLD Indonesia GOLD ISMIA COVID-19 fact sheet

The prevalence of COVID-19 within GOLD-ISMIA's project locations

Cover image of document ASGM in time of COVID-19

ASGM in the time of COVID-19 (English) 

Cover image for ASGM in time of COVID-19 Spanish document

La MAPE en tiempos del COVID-19 

For a full list of updates from planetGOLD's projects, including several blog articles, visit the COVID-19 Updates and Resources page.

Do you know of other examples of awareness-raising materials for artisanal and small-scale mining communities facing COVID-19 that would be helpful to share with our project teams? Please share them with us by writing to info@planetgold.org.