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  • Miners and community members from Paracale, Camarines Norte, Philippines
    28 December 2022

    Capacity Development Series: Empowering Communities Towards a Transformative and Sustainable ASGM Sector

    Learn how planetGOLD Philippines supports the empowerment of the poorest and most marginalized sectors through effective capacity development at the individual, organizational, and institutional levels in order to advance a more transformative and sustainable society.

  • Philippines meeting
    20 December 2022

    The planetGOLD Philippines Project Convenes Government Agencies to Identify Areas of Convergence for the Development of the Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining Sector

    The planetGOLD Philippines project convened government agencies for a workshop entitled, “Making Mercury History in the Philippine Small-Scale Gold Mining Sector: Stories from the planetGOLD Philippines Project” on 23 to 25 November 2022 in Quezon City, Manila. This activity is the first in a series of workshops which aim to provide an avenue for agencies to discuss issues surrounding the ASGM sector, and to collaborate on solutions and policy recommendations.

  • Dispatches from the Field cover image
    17 October 2022

    New "Dispatches from the Field" video series spotlights miner stories and journeys

    To highlight artisanal and small-scale miners' journey to mercury-free, planetGOLD is launching Dispatches From The Field, a short video series featuring some of the unique stories coming out of the countries where we work. Each month over the coming year, we’ll dive into some of the obstacles and barriers that miners have faced, while spotlighting champions that are breaking through these challenges to advance responsible mining and make meaningful change on the ground.

  • Paracale women miners participated in the Basic Advocacy Skills Training conducted by planetGOLD Philippines
    30 June 2022

    Voices of Women in Artisanal Small-Scale Mining in the Philippines

    In the Philippines, the world’s 27th largest gold producer with 80% coming from ASGM, opportunities for women working in mines are diverse. They can support their families and pay for their children’s education. But they also face considerable challenges. Women often don't have access to their own tools and receive no support for child care, which can prevent them from working. Women are subject to gender discrimination when they are prevented from doing certain mining jobs seen as exclusive to men.

  • Miner in Paracale
    9 December 2021

    Visualizing a Future with Formalized Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining

    Gold is such an intrinsic part of Paracale, a municipality in the Philippines, that the town's rich mining history is reflected in its name, which is derived from the words para cale, meaning "canal digger." Read on to learn more about how planetGOLD Philippines is working with mining communities and local governments to help miners access pathways to formalization and pave the way for clean gold.

  • Tunnel shaft in Philippines
    28 April 2021

    Promoting Health and Safety in Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining

    In support of World Day for Safety and Health at Work, our partner the Artisanal Gold Council as the executing agency of the planetGOLD projects in Mongolia and the Philippines highlights initiatives in these countries and three other related country projects in the Asia-Pacific region actively addressing occupational health and safety hazards in the ASGM sector.

  • Meeting with women's group in Agusan del Sur Philippines
    17 March 2021

    Recognizing Women’s Contributions and Challenges in Philippine Small-Scale Mining

    Women make up 10-30% of the workforce at ASGM sites in the Philippines, according to mining association leaders and other local stakeholders. The planetGOLD Philippines project looks at the roles women play, their income opportunities, exposure to mercury, and initiatives to promote gender equality in the sector.

  • camarines_norte
    24 December 2020

    The Resiliency of the Philippine Small-Scale Mining Communities

    Bayanihan Amidst Super Typhoons and a Pandemic: A whole-of-society approach is needed in the Philippines to ensure that the ASGM sector fully recovers from three typhoons and delivers social and economic benefits not just for the miners, but for the country as a whole.

  • Lanscape image from Buenavista
    12 November 2020

    Artisanal and small-scale gold mining boosts rural programs and infrastructure development in the Philippines

    ASGM is a main source of income for rural communities in the Philippines and has been a catalyst for social and economic progress where it operates, such as the small town of Buenavista, Quezon, home to around 30,000 people. This article from the planetGOLD Philippines team examines how responsible ASGM can contribute to many social benefits.

  • Women sack ore at a processing plant - AGC Philippines image
    15 May 2020

    Women and COVID-19 in an artisanal gold mining community: Gender impacts in the Philippines

    Staff with the planetGOLD project team in the Philippines report that as a result of the Enhanced Community Quarantine that has been imposed due to COVID-19, women in the small-scale mining town of Itogon are facing various livelihood and economic challenges, and there are indications that gender inequalities are now exacerbated. This article sheds light on the situation these women face, and recommends several responses to improve gender equality.

  • Women miners working at a processing plant in Itogon, Benguet
    14 April 2020

    Philippines: the Artisanal Mining Sector During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    The outbreak of COVID-19 has disrupted the artisanal gold supply chain and broken the cash for gold income system that rural miners depend on in ASGM communities around the world, including in the Philippines. Despite stay at home orders, many small-scale miners are continuing to produce gold, but they are severely constrained by a lack of access to markets, buyers, processing supplies, and a limited workforce. Read more in this update from our team working on the planetGOLD Philippines project.